Why did Riyad Mahrez prefer Lara Smile Turkey for Dental Care?

riyad mahrez dental care

For some tourists, Turkey is a treatment country while for the others, it is a therapy country still for the people, it is a holiday destination. To have all these features at the same time, many football players, like Mr. Riyad Mahrez, use their preferences in favor of Turkey.

Of course, not all cities in Turkey can offer these opportunities simultaneously, except Antalya. Most importantly, only the right clinic in Antalya offers all these options in a week.

A healthy life is at the epicenter of almost all football players; constant health checks and healthy nutrition shape their lives. Teeth and oral health, which greatly impact general health, are always on the radar of a conscious athlete.

Knowing where the best service and the highest quality treatment may be just an alternative for many of us but for them, it is compulsory.

Where did Riyad Mahrez Hear About Lara Smile Clinic?

“Jump on the bandwagon“. An English proverb. Mr. Mahrez did exactly that. He chose Antalya with the advice of his friends and relatives, and we were happy to host him in our clinic.

If you are coming to Antalya for treatment, be sure to bring your partner or spouse with you. To not say that I wish they’d visited and seen this place. Mr. Mahrez visited our clinic with his family and is not one who says I wish

What are the Factors in Choosing Turkey For Dental Work?

Many European tourists know that there are high-quality dental clinics in Turkey and they trust Turkey in dentistry. Turkey will provide you with satisfactory treatment, a wonderful holiday, and a fair price offer if you choose the right clinic.

For example, for dental treatment, you pay £10,000-£15000 in England, this cost is around £3,500-£6,000 in Turkey, and highly experienced dentists would usually greet you here.

Moreover, qualified dental clinics prefer the highest quality dental material since they don’t have to use poor-quality dental products to offset the high treatment fees as in pricey countries.

Dentists in Turkey have more experience in dentistry, as they face a high demand far above world standards.

An experienced dentist will put you at ease before the treatment. In addition, years of experience will naturally reduce the risk of mistakes. So, have you ever thought about the quality of experience? How would you compare the experience of Mr. Mahrez playing in the premier league with the experience of a football player playing in the minor league, for example?

Antalya is like the premier league of Europe in the dental field. The dentists in Antalya treat tens of thousands of foreign tourists yearly, so dentists there has more valuable experience. Therefore, you should seek not only the experience but also the quality of the experience as well.

What Health Treatments Have Been Applied?

After taking his intraoral 3D tomography, we evaluated his tooth structure together. And for him, we decided that there was no need for invasive techniques. Only teeth and tartar cleaning and then teeth whitening would be sufficient.

Then we ended his treatment with a nice Osteopathy therapy and classical massage. Our sincere thanks go out to Mr. Mahrez, who expressed his love for Antalya.

What Mahrez Said About the Lara Smile Clinic?

What Mr. Mahrez said about our clinic is not much different from what our other patients said. Celebrity status doesn’t imply privilege to us.

However, we thank him very much for choosing us and for expressing that “he had a particularly good time, our clinic was very nice, and he was satisfied with the dental treatments and therapies such as osteopathy and classical massage we provided to him”.

As he said, “We hope to see you again Mr. Mahrez

How Long Has Riyad Mahrez Stayed in Turkey for Dental Care?

Mr. Riyad Mahrez received good treatment and had a very nice holiday with his family for a week. Doesn’t it seem like a good choice? While leaving Antalya, two different forms of happiness were observed in his words. The pleasure of a holiday in a beautiful city and the quality of the treatment he received.

riyad mahrez dental careIs Turkey a Good Place for Dental Work?

In 2021, around 130,000 dental patients visited Turkey, and this figure is expected to increase by 20% by the end of 2022, which is above the rise of dental tourism in the world. Turkey is one of the rare countries that can offer patients three important components of dental tourism simultaneously.

  • Quality service, sophisticated dental clinics, and experienced dentists.
  • Reasonable prices
  • Sea, sun, and sand.

In addition, due to the low labor prices in Turkey, dental clinics prefer to use the best quality dental materials without straining the budgets of patients. However, the same may not be true for countries with high treatment fees, where we often witness the use of poor-quality materials to reduce treatment costs.

What are the Most Preferred Treatments in Our Clinic?

Lara Smile is a versatile and international dental clinic. By keeping our criteria above world standards, we perform all kinds of dental treatment and small-scale aesthetic operations.

We prefer the highest quality materials in all of our treatments. We have managed to treat thousands of European patients who have chosen us for dental implants, veneer applications, laser teeth whitening, gum surgeries, Hollywood Smile designs, and many other dental treatments.

Our primary principle in our treatments is to apply minimum dental surgery to our patients and to help them in a way that minimizes dental problems they would encounter at later ages.

Why Is Turkey More Affordable For Dental Treatment?

People living in Turkey ask this question in reverse. Social media is full of complaints that dental treatments are too expensive in Turkey. The fact is that the treatment fees in Turkey are very cheap for Europeans because the prices are determined based on the fees here.

A well-established dentistry education system in Turkey has produced highly qualified dentists in the field of modern dentistry. In this respect, it offers wonderful opportunities for patients who do not want to pay high fees for dental treatment in their own country.

Which is the Most Preferred Place in Turkey for Health Tourism?

It sounds very nice to enjoy your vacation while having your treatment at the same time. So, where is the nearest option for European tourists in this regard? The most prominent answer is Turkey.

The most influential city that makes Turkey an attractive destination in this regard is Antalya. Antalya is a city that is visited by nearly ten million foreign tourists and is host to the best dental clinics in Turkey.

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