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What is

Dental Tomography?

3D X-rays are quicker, safer, and more effective than traditional X-rays. Offering the latest and greatest in modern technology is one of the ways the team at Lara Smile separates itself from the pack. At the Antalya we use 3D dental X-ray technology, or, more specifically, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to diagnose oral health problems otherwise not evident in traditional dental x-rays.

Similar to what it sounds like, 3D dental X-ray technology refers to snapshotting images which reveal a 3D layout of your mouth, teeth, and gums. At Lara Smile, the helpful staff uses this innovative technology to get the clearest picture possible of your oral structures when providing you with top-notch dental care.

The level of diagnostic accuracy linked to this technology is unmatched. It helps the staff in preventive care by detecting oral health problems early on when they’re easier to effectively treat.

How are 3D Tomography X-rays taken?

If you need 3D dental Tomography taken, the process of getting them done is very simple. In order to capture a full, panoramic view, the specialized camera needs to complete a full 360-degree scan, rotating around you while you sit or stand.
The process is quick and painless, with the camera completing one short rotation around and capturing all the images it needs. The images are transferred to a computer. All you need to do is remain still.


Why are 3D dental X-rays used?

There are several benefits of using 3D dental X-rays during routine appointments to help diagnose oral health issues.
First, there is the smallest amount of radiation possible emitted during a 3D dental X-ray. You won’t be exposed to any unnecessary radiation, as may be the case with older, clunkier forms of X-ray technology.

The most obvious benefit of 3D X-ray technology is that it ensures pinpoint accuracy when diagnosing problems with your teeth. This is key because it increases the chances of catching problems early when treatment typically proves more effective. The longer a problem with your teeth and gums goes undetected, the worse things can get, leading to more complicated, expensive treatments.

The multiple views 3D technology provides help the staff double- and triple-check what might be the problem.


Are 3D dental X-rays safe?

Yes, 3D dental X-rays are perfectly safe. With 3D X-rays, the smallest amount of radiation possible is put out, making it far safer compared to other types of X-rays. Ask about 3D dental X-ray technology at your next appointment. Call or use the online booking tool today if you need to set up your next check-up.


Who Is 3D Jaw and Dental Tomography Used For ?

Dental tomography is a very reliable method for diagnosing various dental diseases and for detailed treatment planning.

  • For the most accurate treatment planning in implant patients
  • Those with suspected jaw fractures, in patients with trauma
  • In detecting the damage caused by infections to teeth and jaw bones,
  • Those with persistent pain in their jaw or teeth
  • People with sinus congestion, jaw joint problems
  • Patients who need a bone graft or use or will use dental implants
  • In the detection of channels that cannot be found with conventional methods in root canal treatment,
  • Cases requiring operation, conditions requiring a surgical guide, patients who will undergo prosthesis planning
  • Determining the proximity of the teeth to the nerve before the surgical extraction of lower 20 year old teeth,
  • Before tooth extraction, to determine the proximity of teeth to anatomical areas, sinuses,
  • Dental tomography is used for patients with sleep problems, snoring or sleep apnea.
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