Dental Tourism Turkey – 4 Reasons to Prefer Medical Tourism

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Dental tourism has become a phenomenon in the world. Every year, it is preferred by millions of people around the world, with an average growth rate of 15%.

There is faster growth in dental tourism in countries with high satisfaction rates. Turkey’s figures apparently show this satisfaction. Turkey welcomed 90,000 dental tourists in 2020, increasing to roughly 135,000 by 2021 and over 200,000 by 2022.

Dentists treat patients with similar aesthetic expectations in countries where dental tourism is prevalent. So, they have a more valuable experience than other countries’ dentists.

What is Known as Health Tourism?

Health tourism generally refers to benefiting from the price advantages in different countries for treatment. However, the benefits of health tourism extend beyond this.

A major factor in the popularity of medical tourism is that patients can combine treatment with a vacation. Yet, only a few countries and cities can offer both options simultaneously.

Why is Health Tourism Popular?

High prices and long waiting times in developed countries have led people to seek more accessible solutions. In addition, people can meet their expectations better with health tourism.

For instance, a dentist in a developed country may not specialize in different smile designs or may lack enough experience, despite being very expensive.

If the same patient wants to take advantage of the benefits of dental tourism, he can find many experienced dentists who can provide quality treatment at very affordable rates. Additionally, since doctors treat patients with similar expectations, they will be more in tune with the patient’s expectations.

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Which Areas are Most Preferred in Medical Tourism?

The most preferred treatments in health tourism are aesthetic, health, and massage therapies.

Some countries are able to attract medical tourists due to their advanced education and technological infrastructure.

In other countries, medical tourism has developed only in certain areas to benefit more from health tourism. No matter which country you choose for your health tourism, make sure the country has a solid educational infrastructure. Having quality physicians without a quality education system is impossible.

Dental Tourism is on the Rise

The spread of social media and the ease of transportation has led to a rapid rise in dental tourism worldwide. Additionally, dental tourism is driven by fierce competition among clinics serving this field. So the clinics that serve for dental tourism are therefore equipped with high-tech facilities and staffed by experienced dentists.

Patient satisfaction is reflected in the rise of dental tourism. You can see people’s delight on social media. The overall satisfaction rate of patients is very high, despite the fact that some patients may encounter faulty treatment.

Why is it cheaper to get Dental Treatment Abroad?

Generally speaking, dental treatment is cheap in some countries due to their low labor costs and general prices. The dentist and laboratory technicians set the fees for dental treatments.

The ratio of the material cost to the treatment cost is extremely low. Many orthodontic treatments use almost no material. These treatments, however, remain very expensive.

More patients receive dental treatments in countries with dental tourism than in other countries, which is another factor in reducing the cost of dental care.

What are the benefits of Medical Tourism?

Visiting a foreign country for dental treatment may include the following benefits;

No Hidden Cost

In countries with high prices, hidden fees can be a big problem. For a $5,000 veneer treatment, if you also need gingival aesthetics, gum graft treatments, or orthodontic treatments, your treatment cost would double.

Medical tourism, however, won’t surprise you with unexpected prices. Many clinics do not charge for consultations and intraoral scans. In addition, small-scale aesthetic treatments and orthodontic treatments usually cost around $200-400 on average. So you won’t experience major changes in your initial fees.

Save Money

Dental tourism is mostly preferred because the fees are affordable. Dental tourism allows you to get the same quality treatment at a lower cost.


Patients are often offered a written warranty by clinics. Additionally, dental clinics usually agree to pay a certain amount for minor issues that are not worth the travel costs. It is important that you discuss these conditions with your clinic before receiving treatment and find out what issues will be refunded.

Vacation and Health

Vacation opportunities in health tourism are only available in a limited number of cities. Turkey, Antalya, and Croatia, Split are two of the most important cities in Europe with their best holiday opportunities and sophisticated dental clinics. A sunny vacation on the beach is not possible in many cities, like Budapest and Istanbul, where dental tourism is highly developed.

Is Dental Tourism Safe?

In the last decade, dental tourism has grown tremendously. Countries take all necessary security measures to capitalize on the billion-dollar tourism opportunity. For instance, In Los Algodones, despite Mexico’s underdeveloped security infrastructure, the government provides a safe treatment service for its patients there.

Additionally, the clinics assist their patients with transportation and accommodation so that there are no safety concerns in dental tourism.

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Which Country is best for Health Tourism?

Dental tourism is most popular in countries such as; Turkey, Hungary, and Croatia in Europe. In Asia, it is India, Thailand, and Dubai in America, it is Mexico and Costa Rica.

Transportation and accommodation facilities are also significant factors to consider when choosing a country for dental treatment. After a difficult dental travel and unfavorable accommodation, conditions may disturb you during the treatment, and you may not get the result you expect from the treatment.

Where is the best Destination for Dental Tourism in Turkey?

Quality dental tourism in Turkey is concentrated in Istanbul and Antalya. Antalya is the biggest tourist city in Turkey and Europe, bordering the Mediterranean in the south of Turkey. So, Turkey’s quality dental clinics prefer Antalya to provide more comfortable treatment to their patients.  If you think of dental travel in Turkey, you can find direct flights to Antalya in many European cities.

Accommodation and Transfer Services

In dental tourism, accommodations and transfers are usually included in dental treatment. Our team at Lara Smile is happy to provide you with all of these services. Our clinic, which is a member of MEDWORLD CLINIC, stands out with its quality services in the field of dental tourism in Antalya in Turkey.

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