International Patient Guide

Pre-diagnosis and examination

Pre-diagnosis and examination (FREE)

We inform you about your preliminary diagnosis and treatment planning via remote examination, via your forms or WhatsApp correspondence.

Before you come to our clinic, we have our specialist physicians examine your X-ray film that you have sent. We give you preliminary information about the treatment plan, treatment duration, and fees.


Appointment (FREE)

We organize your appointment date in coordination with you, considering the arrival and return dates.
We organize in order to give the most treatment possible as soon as possible.

Transportacion y Transferencia

Transportation and Transfer (FREE)

We follow the landing time of our patients and meet you at the airport. We accompany you to your hotel and ensure that you settle in safely. At the end of the treatment, we say goodbye from the airport.

Alojamiento en Hotel

Hotel Accommodation (FREE)

We host you in the hotels that we have contracted close to our clinic that work with the Bed&Breakfast system.

International Patient

Treatment Time

Before starting your previously planned treatment,

  • Consultation with The Dentist To Plan Your Treatment
  • Panoramic X-Ray
  • Volumetric Tomography is done and your treatment is started.
International Patient

After Treatment

24/7 multilingual patient guidance, in order to ensure a stress-free, easy treatment experience and provide a home-like environment.

And they greet you with your new smile.

” On behalf of Lara Smile Dental Clinic it’s our pleasure to give first-class dental services to you and we will be glad to see you again. “

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