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Digital Smile Design

Hollywood Smile

With a smile on your lips and a spirit in your nature, you’re ready to go! A Hollywood smile is to have white and well-aligned teeth in line with your lips. This technique blends all dentistry methods in just a single treatment and presents the outcome of the treatment before the surgery.

It is hard to foresee a smile, especially if there are lost teeth in the mouth. However, with the help of Digital Smile Design technology, this is not the case anymore. The computer-based mock-up and wax-up technology can create your original and actual smile before the treatment.

Hollywood Smile is an aesthetic choice based on the shape of the teeth and face specifically for the patient. First, the images of the expected results are shown to you, and the final decision is made with you and the aesthetic dentist. Then you undergo an orthodontic check-up, and if there are any level disorders in the gums, are eliminated first.

What exactly is the Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile design regulates teeth`s shape, color and shade, facial structure, and overall aesthetic to renovate and improve your smile to the best-desired result. This is a customized procedure unique to each patient. The elements that cripple your smile determine which procedures are needed.

Hollywood smile design can also make use of medical aesthetic procedures by which a smile can be highlighted with dermal fillers and similar applications to the face or lip area.

Problems such as missing tooth alignment, broken or crooked teeth, and gingival closures should be determined, and at the same time, infections in the mouth, caries in the teeth, and gum diseases are also treated before the application.

The procedures conducted in the Hollywood smile application can be indexed as; orthodontic treatments like bone augmentation or sinus lifting (if necessary), implant treatment, porcelain veneer (laminate or zirconia), bonding, teeth whitening, and gum aesthetics.

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Is Hollywood Smile Same as Veneers?

Veneers are just an ingredient of the perfect Hollywood smile treatment; however, it is one of this treatment’s main parts. The Hollywood smile can be achieved when veneers are supported with extra aesthetical surgeries.

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How do You Get Hollywood Smile Teeth?

Hollywood smile dental procedure is completed with 5 consequent visits and steps below.

  1. The pictures of the patient`s jaws are brought.
  2. Patients, current smile photos are taken.
  3. Alternatives to the current smile are shown to the patient.
  4. Patient and aesthetic dentist resolve on one of the 3D smile pictures.
  5. A mold of the determined smile is crafted using mock-up technology.
  6. Before the treatment, the patient is given one more chance to see his or her smile.
  7. Small or big arrangments can be made on the mock-up to achieve the best-desired result.
  8. Teeth whitening is not usually preferred in Hollywood smile design, for this method may cause discoloration between the tooth root and tooth surface in the future.
  9. If the patient has a dark shade of tooth color, c-max crowns are preferred rather than laminate.
  10. Pink aesthetic is essential to a pleasant smile design since teeth gum should be moderately seen when lips rise. it is impossible to reach desired results without a gum aesthetic. So the gum line should be perfectly aligned first.
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Is Hollywood Smile Good for Teeth?

Hollywood smile has multiple advantages apart from giving a vivid smile to the patients; here, we`ve listed some of the top benefits of this treatment.

Perfectly Streight Teeth

Crooked teeth render a poor impression like overcrowding in the mouth. Once they are rectified, they guide jaw growth in the right direction.

White Smile

Whiter shade of tooth colors provides more confidence to the patient when he or she is smiling.

Utilize Dental Veneers

The veneers have an immense role in digital smile design. Porcelain veneers have a lifetime of up to 30 years if properly placed and cared for.

No Gaps

The gaps between teeth can be acceptable if they are slighter. Hollywood smile also eliminates this problem for you.

Boost Your Smile

Most dental treatments aim to boost the patient’s smile. However, this is the main target of Hollywood smile design.

Health Benefits

There are many mortal diseases triggered by the germs within your mouth, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and lung conditions.

Hollywood smile price

How much does the Hollywood Smile cost?

Some treatments may cost a couple of hundred dollars; however, for many Hollywood smile designs, treatment costs more than tens of thousands of dollars. Hollywood smile price depends largely on 2 different factors.

  • The extent of the treatment
  • The region and the clinic in that specific region.

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How long does a Hollywood Smile last?

The ingredients’ lifetime should be determined first to determine a Hollywood smile’s lifespan. If the teeth are brushed regularly, and the porcelain veneers are given due care, the life of the laminate or zirconium porcelain used in the veneer is approximately 10 years. At the end of this period, they must be replaced with new ones. Implants that are used for a part of Hollywood smile treatment last lifelong, but the prosthesis of these implants should be changed in around 15 years or a little more.

In short, the life of a Hollywood smile treatment is at least 10 years, but an inexperienced and poorly trained aesthetic dentist may cause more harm than benefit and lead to much less lifespan of the treatment.

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FAQ of Hollywood Smile

Is Hollywood Smile Painful?

Hollywood smile design is administered under local anesthesia since the treatment may require many invasive procedures. Most of the patients say that they didn`t feel any pain during the surgery, but a few still identify the treatment as hard to manage.

The pain in the treated area may continue depending on which dental procedures are applied. If implant surgery is applied to the patient, there could be some pain with the gum that lasts about one week or so.

In short, more invasive procedures mean more pain after the surgery, but they can easily be managed with medicine.

Is Hollywood Smile Permanent?

Hollywood star smile design is made for permanent purposes, requiring much in-house laboratory work. But each treatment used in Hollywood smile design has its own lifespan. If the patient is applied to implant treatment, longevity will increase accordingly. Nonetheless, the lifespan of treatment can best be determined by your dental provider.

As with all dental treatment, oral care takes the top that affects how long your Hollywood design will last. Maximum oral care is a must for a lifelong Hollywood smile.

The pain in the treated area may continue depending on which dental procedures are applied. If implant surgery is applied to the patient, there could be some pain with the gum that lasts about one week or so.

In short, more invasive procedures mean more pain after the surgery, but they can easily be managed with medicine.

How to take care after the Hollywood Smile Procedure?

Oral hygiene is vital, the components of Hollywood smile dental treatment, such as veneers, implants, or crowns, are resistant to stains, but once they are stained, they can’t be whitened with bleaching.

Another important reason is that if not properly cleaned, it may build up bacteria and decay inside the teeth beneath the veneers, crowns, or implants. Mouth care to protect a Hollywood smile is no different from your usual teeth care.

The Procedures for Oral Hygiene;

  • The teeth should be brushed twice daily with a soft brush. A soft brush doesn’t cause scratches on your teeth’ surface. It is also essential to rinse your mouth with mouthwash.
  • The patient should also avoid stain-inducing food like red wine, cigarettes, and coffee.
  • The patients shouldn`t apply strain on their teeth, like biting nuts or opening bottles.

Where to get a Hollywood Smile?

First of all, the dentist and the clinic should be supreme, and the clinic should have a crew that is capable of treating every aspect of dentistry.

Selecting a Hollywood smile dental clinic that will affect your future is challenging. You should not risk your teeth in the wrong hands. Just follow these steps below to reach the best one.

1. Know Dentist Area of Expertise

Prior to the first phone, you should know the clinic`s capabilities according to your specific situation.

2. Education and Experience

The qualification, education, and experience should satisfy you; if not, no need to consume time in that clinic.

3. Comfort Level

You should feel that you are at home while having a treatment. The trusted clinics improve good patient-clinic relationships as a result of their success. If not, it is better to look elsewhere.

4. Testimonials on Internet

High-quality dental clinics like to exhibit patients’ testimonials while others don’t like it.

Today, many England, German and Russian tourists are choosing Hollywood smile Turkey for their dental treatments. Turkey has a booming potential for dental tourism because of its highly improved health education infrastructure.

Turkish dentists are well trained, and clinic standards are beyond the Europen clinics. Many dental clinics work like a grand hospital, and their teams can meet every dental or cosmetic need of patients.

In Antalya Hollywood smile treatment becoming highly popular as Turkey’s most prominent cosmetic dentists prefer this city to live.  Antalya also offers many five-star accommodation opportunities, home to nearly 10 million tourists annually.

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