The patient’s consciousness is open but he is in a mild sleep state. The patient follows the commands. It is made by applying small doses from the vein pathway opened from the cord. This method is generally preferred in patients with dental fear in adult patients, in patients with excessive nausea-ting reflex, and in patients with general anesthesia at risk. It is also used in children for short transactions. Recovery is rapid after administration of the medication. The patient does not remember anything after the procedure.

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Advantages of Sedation

  • It creates a comfortable and safe environment for the patient and helps to relieve fear and anxiety.
  • Patients do not remember the contents of the procedure performed, the pain, the voices that they do not like, the effects of sedative drugs. This also makes it easier for the patient to develop dental treatment in later sessions.
  • Increase pain threshold, reduce pain perception.
  • Since the patient’s stress is completely removed during treatment and unwanted reflexes are prevented, a comfortable working environment is provided for the physician.

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