Lara Smile Dental Clinic - Antalya, Turkey

Lara Smile Dental Clinic

Why Turkey?

Cost is the number one factor for many patients when it comes to dental treatments. When it comes to treatments that are not covered by dental insurance, patients start to look for alternatives and may delay their dental treatment for a while.

The biggest factor in initiating treatment is the cost of dental treatment. Sometimes, patients may find the appointment times given to start dental treatment in their own country to be long and may want to start dental treatment immediately.

Within the health tourism, dental treatment periods in Turkey are completed in the shortest possible time with special studies. Another advantage is that the treatment times are short and the treatment is applied by experienced dentists.

Customized dental care is expensive in the UK and many European countries.

As the number of dental tourism patients increased, dental clinics in Turkey started to offer dental holidays with translation services, cosmetic dental procedures and price packages for patients coming from abroad.

For more affordable options, Turkey offers better service than all European countries, but also offers very satisfying historical and cultural holidays.

Dentists establish very good friendships with the patients they treat and provide friendly service with mutual trust and respect. In summary, Turkey is one of the most suitable countries for dental treatments. Especially, applications such as implant, zirconium, teeth whitening, aesthetic tooth filling, laminate veneer and root canal treatment are frequently preferred by patients in our country.

Low rental costs of clinics in Turkey, reduced tax rates and ease of importing equipment are some of the factors that enable dentists to offer dental treatment to patients at affordable prices.

Dental Clinic in Turkey - Lara Smile
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