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Sinus Lift Operation

Sinus Lift Operation; Surgical resection of the sinus floor is called the increase in the amount of low bone by lifting the sinuses.

Between skulls, there are air gaps called sinuses. When the teeth of the posterior region of the upper jaw are lost, the sinuses located above this area expand under the influence of air pressure, causing the bone to subside. A certain amount of bone size is needed to implant instead of missing teeth.

How should postoperative care be done?

To avoid bleeding, should not be marked the first 24 hours after the operation, should not be consumed hot food,. Ice can be applied from the outside to the fitted area Care must be taken to clean the mouth for infection and good healing in the area of ​​operation. Since the negative effects of cigarettes on recovery are known, cigarettes should not be used in this process. Lips should not be pulled to see the operation area as they may cause open stitches. Avoid cleaning the nose by pressing. Medicines prescribed by the doctor should be used as prescribed exactly, and no changes should be made without the doctor’s knowledge


When can dental implants be performed after lifting the sinuses?

After approximately 6 months of operation, the bone tissue reaches sufficient stiffness and the implants can be placed. If there is more than 4 mm of bone in the area where the sinus lift is performed, the implants can be placed at the same time by the lifting of the sinüs.


What causes complications during this procedure?

Tearing may occur during the operation depending on the severity of the sinus membrane. If tears can be interrupted, it may be necessary to cancel the operation if there are more ruptures. The rupture of the sinus membrane heals himself. As with any surgical procedure, bleeding can occur during or after the operation, or the infection can develop. In order to avoid these complications, it is important to use prescribed medicines to comply with doctor’s recommendations.

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