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Come Clinica dentale di Lara Smile seguiamo le ultime tecnologie sviluppate in tutto il mondo sulla salute orale e dentale e le utilizziamo nei nostri trattamenti.

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Impianti dentali in Turchia

Molte persone preferiscono gli impianti dentali per migliorare la salute dei denti. Ponti e protesi sono i primi che vengono in mente per il trattamento. Tuttavia, gli impianti dentali sono stati aggiunti alle opzioni.

Hollywood Smile Makeover
Smile Design ad Antalya

Con un sorriso sulle labbra e uno spirito nella tua natura, sei pronto per partire! Un sorriso hollywoodiano è avere denti bianchi e ben allineati in linea con le labbra.

Faccette Dentali - Clinica dentale di Lara Smile
Faccette dentali ad Antalya

Le faccette dentali sono un metodo utilizzato per risolvere molti diversi problemi dentali come colorazione irregolare, spazi irregolari o denti rotti.

Pros of Laser Teeth Whitening
Laser Teeth Whitening

Semplice, veloce e appariscente, lo sbiancamento dei denti laser continua ad affascinare le persone. Il trattamento professionale di sbiancamento dei denti è sulla scena da decenni, ma i pazienti dovrebbero sottoporsi a diversi trattamenti di sbiancamento dei denti per vedere i risultati.


Hollywood Smile Makeover

Corona Dentale

Corone dentali Antalya

Una corona (“cappuccio”) è un restauro dentale a forma di dente che viene utilizzato per ricoprire o rivestire completamente un singolo dente o impianto dentale danneggiato. Dette anche “cappette dentali” e “camicie di porcellana”, possono essere realizzate con una varietà di materiali e sono fissate permanentemente alle loro fondamenta con cemento dentale, evitando la necessità di estrazione del dente, ponti, protesi parziali o protesi dentarie. Non possono essere utilizzati per il restauro a bocca piena.

Lara Smile Dental Clinic
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Richard ThompsonRichard Thompson
07:14 30 May 23
I WhatsApped at 10am with a request for an emergency filling (I was on holiday from the UK and my filling fell out). I was able to get an appointment for 1pm the same day.The service was very friendly, efficient and professional. I had an issue with my credit card and the team kindly offered to drive me to a local cash machine when that option became necessary.I would highly recommend Lara Smile!Richard
10:21 17 May 23
Fantastic service fromFerit ( Medical Consultant)Absolutely love my new teeth, very quick and staff were very professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend this service to anyone that is looking for the perfect smile! I couldn’t thank the lovely staff anymore for what they have achieved for me.
Ruksana BRuksana B
06:59 07 May 23
I am very pleased with my results and Lara Smiles service as a whole. Every staff member is pleasant and made me feel very welcome. The facilities are clean. I will definitely be going back there again.
Waion LiWaion Li
05:48 05 Apr 23
Just want to drop a quick review how amazing this place was. I just arrived for a week's holiday and booked myself in for a dental inspection, that I couldn't get for 3 years in the UK. After a quick consultation, deep cleaning and one filling was performed. It all came to £95. Not only it was so much cheaper than the UK, but the dental facilities were outstanding. The place felt super clean and more important the staff were amazing and professional from start to end. Highly recommended.
Professional and the best Dental Clinic.I have witnessed and enjoyed services of dentists with highest level of expertise.100% hygiene100% perfection100% customer service and comfortable service.100% customer satisfactionThe supporting staff are with great understanding , caring and responsible.Wonderful experience, value for money.... Exceptional services.
Fiona CovingtonFiona Covington
22:11 27 Mar 23
The only dentist I've been happy with since her knowledge, experience and interest, for the first time, I have accessed such detailed treatment thanks to my doctor, I would definitely recommend it.
Osman AliOsman Ali
12:31 27 Mar 23
wonderful people!I am from the uk - I was made to be feel very comfortable from the offset, there was no hard sell, and the dentist was extremely professional and honest.unlike other firms, this firm operated with integrity... (after a very bad experience with another firm) my faith was restored by these individuals! absolutely recommend !!!!
Elaine WellsElaine Wells
23:38 25 Mar 23
The approach of the physicians is very meticulous and very interested. I also saw that they use new technologies and techniques, and it gave me confidence that my treatments were over and I had no problems.