Why did Clément Lenglet Prefer Lara Smile Dental Clinic Turkey?

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Tottenham Hotspur’s Clément Lenglet has his name listed among the famous football players who prefer Antalya as their dental destination. Our clinic hosted him with his family for a week and helped him pack a lot into it.

Professional football players place their health above all else. Regular health checkups are an essential part of their lives. There is no way that a professional football player can ignore the importance of oral health, which significantly impacts general health.

When it comes to their health, professional football players don’t settle for anything less than the best. They search only for the best. Because we treat every patient like a celebrity, so the celebrities find us.

Where did Clément Lenglet hear about Lara Smile Clinic?

The city of Antalya welcomes hundreds of thousands of European tourists who come for dental treatments every year. So, it is not surprising that many famous players from the football world seek the best for their health in Antalya.

Mr. Lenglet found us with the advice of his close friends and his close surroundings. The words he said while leaving, “I sincerely intend to recommend this place to my friends” show that this trend will continue to increase.

What are the factors in Choosing Turkey for Dental Work?

In dental tourism, people expect to receive high-quality treatment and enjoy a nice vacation. There are few cities in Europe equipped with these facilities as Antalya has. Dozens of cities on the Mediterranean coast may offer excellent holiday opportunities, but only in Antalya can you combine a quality holiday with affordable and high-quality dental treatment.

You can also find many cities offering affordable dental tourism prices, such as Istanbul, Budapest, etc. However, if you want a lovely holiday together with dental treatment, Antalya does not have many alternatives in this regard, except for distant countries such as Thailand, India, and Mexico.

The rapid growth of dentistry in Antalya causes dentists to be very experienced in this field and clinics to invest more in technology. Just as the best quality shoe masters are from Italy, so the highly experienced dentists are in Antalya due to its rapidly flourishing dentistry.

What Health Treatments have been applied?

In our first meeting with Mr. Lenglet, we determined which treatments were suitable for him, and we arranged our one-week treatment plan in line with his demands.

After 3D tomography, we made a consultation with Mr. Lenglet; since there was no structural problem in his teeth, we applied tartar cleaning and then teeth whitening procedures. As part of our clinic’s services, we provided him with Osteopathy (manual therapy), classical massage, body index, blood analysis, and skin care procedures upon his request.

What Lenglet said about the Lara Smile Clinic?

It was a great honor for us to hear the words we are accustomed to at Lara Smile from a football star. It was an exciting moment for us, especially to hear the words “It’s really beautiful here” from a star’s mouth. He also stated that he had a great time here and would recommend our clinic to everyone sincerely.

How long has Lenglet Stayed in Turkey for Dental Care?

Mr. Clement Lenglet wanted to include all of his dental treatments and therapies in one week without neglecting his vacation. We provided all the opportunities he needed to be happy during this week with his family. He completed his Antalya visit with the happiness of packing so much into a week by choosing us.

Is Turkey a Good Place for Dental Work?

Turkey is among the top 10 countries that has proven its quality in the dental field. The biggest reason behind this success is the educational infrastructure that goes back 150 years in modern dentistry.

In order to win the dentistry department at a University, a Turkish student must be first among at least 2000 people and of course, undergo a challenging 5-year education process, as well as years of clinical training.

Like many Europeans, you can rely on Turkey for dental treatment. However, if you think that you deserve the best, we would be happy to welcome you to our clinic, which is preferred by prominent football players such as Clément Lenglet and Riyad Mahrez.

clement lenglet dental careWhat are the most preferred Treatments in Our Clinic?

In our clinic, experienced dentists work with a teamwork spirit to complete complex dental treatments that may seem extremely challenging. We have provided many happy smiles in implant treatments thanks to the contributions of our experienced orthodontists and aesthetic dentists as well.

In our clinic, we meticulously perform all of our treatments using laser treatment systems, microscopic diagnostic methods, and CAD-CAM technology.

In veneer and smile design treatments, minimally invasive methods are a priority for us. In Hollywood Smile treatments, our aesthetic dentists, who have more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, show the expected results of the treatment to the patients before the surgery with a mock-up, preventing them from encountering any surprises.

Aside from these, we offer all dental treatments, including teeth whitening and gum surgeries.

Why is Turkey More Affordable for Dental Treatment?

Of course, being cheap is not a reason for the preference for anything. The reason why almost 150,000 European tourists choose Turkey for dental treatment every year is not just because it is cheap. Economic conditions in Turkey do not allow for more expensive dental treatment. If they did so, the Turkish people, whose incomes are far behind the European countries, couldn’t afford the treatment costs.

This issue is constantly on the agenda on social media, and people are complaining that dental treatments are too expensive in Turkey. However, the low fees charged by Turkish dentists and clinics for treatment allow patients, especially Europeans, to choose the best quality dental materials.

To benefit further from tourism, Turkish clinics make more technology investments in dentistry, which leads to higher quality services.

Which is the most Preferred Place in Turkey for Health Tourism?

When it comes to dental tourism in Turkey, two cities come to the fore. One of them is Istanbul, and the other is Antalya. Although Istanbul is home to advanced dental clinics, Turkey’s leading dental clinics prefer Antalya, especially because European patients want to combine their treatment with a vacation.

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