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Emax Veneers

Emax veneers are designed using lithium disilicate to extend the life of porcelain veneers and make them more resistant to scratches, breaks, and stains. Emax Veneers, developed by Ivoclar Vivadent in 2006, is produced and sold only by this company.

160-200 Mpa (Mega Pascal) of resistant force in porcelain veneer reaches 500 Mpa in Emax veneers. Even though the resistance value is well below zirconia veneers, they have a life span close to zirconia veneers due to their high resistance.

Emax veneers, usually designed using CAD-CAM technologies, are extremely popular in Turkey. Emax dental veneers are the most expensive veneer treatment available.

However, you can benefit from reasonable prices in Turkey, as dental clinics charge lower fees for their treatments.

What is an eMax Veneer?

Emax dental veneers are a type of veneer produced by Ivoclar Vivadent company as a single mold and reinforced with disilicate lithium particles. They can be produced in a laboratory environment with CAD-CAM technology or traditional dentistry methods.

Emax veneers are the most effective veneers that combine 3 critical features expected from a dental veneer treatment.

  • Minimum Invasive (Require 3-5 mm abrasion from the tooth surface)
  • Maximum Life Span (20 years or more)
  • Aesthetically Beautiful

Although these properties make them the most expensive instrument of veneer treatments, they are worth it.

Emax Veneers Procedure

Almost all veneer treatments require similar procedures. First, the dentist takes X-rays and 3D pictures of the mouth and examines it in detail.

Mouth Cleaning

Then, the dentist performs detailed cleaning of the mouth and treats any decay, if any. If there are problems that Emax teeth veneers cannot correct, you may be referred to orthodontic treatment.

Teeth Preparation

Your dentist prepares the teeth for veneers by abrasing the tooth surfaces by 0.3 to 05 mm.

Laboratory Phase

The dentist makes measurements again in the mouth and chooses the color for the veneers together with the patient, then sends the mold to the laboratory.

First Discharge

The patient is discharged by inserting temporary veneers.

Second Visit

Within 4 to 5 days, the patient is called for permanent veneers. At this stage, the patient’s temporary veneers are removed, and the last measurements are made again. These measurements are sent to the laboratory to produce permanent veneers using CAD-CAM technology.

Wearing Permanent Veneers

The dentist makes the final corrections on the veneers, adhering them to the tooth surface and polishing the teeth by removing the bonding material residues.

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Advantages of E-Max Veneers

Aesthetic Appearances

Emax veneers are strengthened porcelain veneers that provide a pleasing aesthetic appearance like porcelain veneers.

Long Lasting

Emax veneers are twice as strong as porcelain veneers. They do not break easily and have a lifespan of nearly 20 years.

Resistant to Staining

Emax veneers are also more stain resistant than conventional porcelain veneers,

Less Invasive

E-max veneers require only 3 to 5 mm trimming from the tooth surface, making them a viable option for less invasive treatment.

No Metal Part

Emax veneers do not contain metal parts. Therefore, they do not cause allergic reactions or side effects.

Use CAD-CAM Technology

Emax dentistry veneers are designed using CAD-CAM technology to be prepared quickly, and the possibility of error is relatively low.

Disadvantages of E-max Veneers


Emax dental materials are quite pricey. They can be two or three times more expensive than conventional porcelain veneers.

More Invasive Than Laminates

E-max veneers are fragile and require only 0.5 mm trimming of the tooth surface, but you can reduce this value to 0.3 to 0.4 mm by using laminate veneers. But unlike Emax laminate veneers are less durable and get stained more quickly.


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FAQ of E-Max Veneers

We have researched the most common questions about E-Max Veneers, which have satisfied more than 170 million patients.

Who is E-max Veneers Suitable for?

All age groups can benefit from Emax veneers. There is no limit to who can be suitable for them. They can be produced in all desired tooth colors. Since they combine durability and aesthetics, they can be used on both front and side teeth.

Do eMax Veneers Look Natural?

Emax veneers have a high level of light transmittance, so they are compatible with natural teeth. They can be produced in the desired tooth color. Before veneer treatment, dark teeth should be whitened for better results.

Can eMax Veneers Stain?

While E-max veneers are highly stain-resistant, sometimes there may be stains at the junction of the veneer and the adhesive element, which should be addressed immediately by your dentist.

Can Emax Veneers be Whitened?

None of the artificial dental products can be bleached, but small stains, cracks, or small fractures can be fixed by applying composite bonding.

Can Emax Veneers Fall Off?

Emax veneers can fall off as they do in other veneers. The most common causes of falling veneers are;


Emax veneers’ lifespan is between 15 to 20 years. Scientific studies have shown that the adhesive material begins to weaken from the 10th year.

Poor adhesive

If the veneers are not securely attached, they may fall.


If the teeth under the veneers decay, it causes the veneers to fall out.

Teeth Grinding

Veneers are susceptible to teeth grinding and can break or fall out if precautions are not taken.

Poor Hygiene

Inadequate hygiene is the most common reason for the short life of veneers and their falls.

Are Emax Veneers Permanent?

E-max veneers are designed to extend the life of traditional porcelain veneers and have a lifespan of up to 20 years. After this period, if your teeth are broken or stained, you can replace them with new ones to keep your smile sparkling.

How long do Emax Veneers Last?

Around 50 percent of Emax veneers last for 20 years. If you want to get clearer information about their life, here are the results of a study based on 17 years of observation;

%96 success rate for 5 to 6 years

%93 success rate for 10-12 years

%91 success rate for 11- 13 years

%73 success rate for 15-17 years

How Much do Emax Veneers Cost in Turkey?

Emax veneers Turkey price varies according to the number of veneers and the clinic where you are treated. Below, we have compiled a detailed analysis of the average costs of different numbers of Emax veneers.

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Why are Veneers so cheap in Turkey?

You can ask this question like that; Does Turkey have a low price, or does England have a high price? Let’s find the answer;

The reasons why health prices in Turkey are low;

  • Labor is cheap,
  • Clinics’ monthly expenses are less,
  • Government incentives,
  • Inter-clinic competition.

The Reasons Why Prices in the UK are Expensive;

  • In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) cannot meet the needs of patients, leading to months of waiting for treatment. As a result, the private health sector benefits from the situation. It raises prices significantly, and English clinics are criticized on social media for demanding £300 for just a half-hour of the consultation.
  • The rate of private health insurance is 13% in the UK and higher in the United States. Insurance companies prefer private clinics, so the clinics do not have to reduce their prices in any way.

As a result, while some reasons cause prices to fall in Turkey, others cause prices to rise in the UK. Like a seesaw. In other words, the difference can be quite dramatic.

Emax Veneers in Turkey

Emax teeth reconstructions are generally preferred for aesthetic purposes and cost quite high, especially in countries such as the UK, United States, or Germany.

In this respect, choosing countries that are specialized in the field of cosmetic dentistry will reduce your financial burden. This will also ensure that you have a good time.

In Turkey, patients also benefit from Antalya’s tourism opportunities and turn tedious and difficult treatments into holidays. Since Antalya is significantly developed in terms of tourism, Turkey’s largest dental clinics also prefer there.

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