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Medwordl Clinic Health & Rehabilitation Center

Antalya central clinic is in Medworld Clinic and has a total of 4 units. All of our processing rooms are spacious and overlook the beautiful garden of the Rixos Downtown Hotel.

There are waiting rooms at the entrance of the clinic and all the comforts of the patients are provided.


  • Easy Transport
  • We provide service with comfortable waiting rooms and Detox restaurant.
  • Our Proximity to Touristic Centers
  • We offer the best and most accurate treatment with our state-of-the-art devices and experienced staff.
  • We make the most accurate diagnosis with all our x-ray imaging systems, including 3D Tomography, which guides us in the most challenging situations.We carry out all your operations in the fastest way with our wide dental laboratory.
  • We follow the latest technology for your health.
  • We follow hygiene standards at the highest level perfectly.
  • We perform all your procedures such as implants and prostheses perfectly in our clinic.
  • We give a lifetime warranty to all implant applications that we perform in our clinic.
  • We provide you with more aesthetic smiles as soon as possible with our prostheses produced with digital technology.
  • We make you feel safe with our 15-year experienced team.

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