Benefits of the implant

The human teeth were designed to last a lifetime, yet sometimes they do not. Some people have to face with tooth loss due a certain reason, be it artificially or naturally. Replacing missing teeth is crucial to the general health of a person and to the health of the other teeth. When a person loses a tooth, not only is his chewing ability affected, but un-replaced teeth could lead to the loss or subsequent problems of other teeth.

In fact, dental implants have been used for treating missing teeth for over 50 years and are reckoned as an effective treatment option. This treatment is considered more predictable than resin-bonded bridges, bridgework, or endodontic treatment.

The replacement crown of your dental implant will be almost indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth. As dentures can come loose and a bridge may require a clasp to hold it in place, dental implants are the more long-term solution. Furthermore, once in place, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, dental implants are highly functional. Unlike dentures, which can be prone to moving about, teeth attached to an implant work like natural teeth. This means there will be no issues with speech and no discomfort eating harder foods that you might experience with normal dentures.

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Another major medical advantage of this form of cosmetic dentistry is that implants put a stop to bone loss. Over time missing teeth can cause atrophy (loss of bone) in the jaw, which may eventually alter the appearance of the face as the area around the mouth starts to sag. Dental implants can actually improve your bone structure by simulating growth. This can radically reduce the aging effect missing teeth can have on your appearance.

When it comes to the definition of dental implants, to put in simple words, dental implants are substitutes for the roots of those missing teeth. They act as an anchor for a replacement tooth or crown or a set of replacement teeth.



The primary advantage in regard to the health benefits of dental implants over other treatments is that the implant can work like a real tooth. It is stable and does not slide or move around during talking or chewing, like other dentures.


Support Normal Healthy Teeth

When an individual has teeth loss, he/she will be left with a gap between their remaining teeth. Despite this space could be filled by a partial bridge or denture, your remaining natural teeth may not be completely supported and will steadily start to move towards the gap.

When the natural teeth shift in position, an individual might develop some problems relating to biting alignment and noticeable gaps could make them feel self-conscious about their own appearance. Nevertheless, if a dental implant is often used to replace those missing teeth, the implant will support the remaining natural teeth and prevent them from moving or shifting.


Protect Your Bone Health

This might be one of the lesser-known benefits of dental implants. When an individual has teeth loss, it is popular for their jaw bone to lose density in the areas where the lost teeth used to exist. The loss of density could result in changes in the figure of the face, like a sunken look or a shortened jaw. A reduction in bone density could also result in the loosening or the loss of other teeth. Besides, the open area of the jaw where the tooth was lost could be a problematic area that is prone to get infected and trigger other health problems. Nonetheless, the jaw bone will build up around the implants which replace the original ones. This buildup will help keep the jaw much strong and the implants stable.

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