Does Dental Implant Brand Matter? Which Should I Choose?

Implant treatments are a complex and intricate procedure, requiring an experienced dentist and clinic to ensure that the treatment is done correctly and with quality materials. The potential for complications, such as damage to the sinus wall or nerves in the jaw, is a risk that should be taken into account when considering the procedure.

Combining quality dental implant brands with the most qualified clinics and dentists is the key to reducing the chance of having to repeat the procedure.

Does Implant Brand Matter?

When it comes to implant treatments, the implant brand can have a major impact on the success of the treatment. Poor-quality implants can fall out within 5 to 10 years, causing the patient to go through the difficult and risky treatment process again.

Different brands create implants with various features based on the type and age of the patient and provide the necessary training to dentists on how to apply their implants. So, it is ultimately up to the dentist to decide which implant brand to use for a particular patient, considering the patient’s thoughts and financial situation.

What Are The Top Dental Implants?

We suggest using implants that have been clinically proven to offer the most effective results. We offer detailed information about the various brands we carry, including their features and benefits, as well as any studies that support their use over time. Here are the best implant brands which we also prefer;



Founded in Switzerland, Straumann is one of the world’s leading dental implant manufacturers that has been in the industry for over 60 years. The company has built a reputation for high-quality products and dedication to technological advances. The main difference between Straumann implant and other implant brands is the materials’ quality, the engineering level, and the commitment to innovation.

Straumann’s production techniques are renowned for their precision, reliability, and cutting-edge technological advancements. Straumann dental implants are created using a patented laser welding process, which ensures each implant is consistently designed and constructed with the utmost accuracy.

Additionally, each implant is subjected to a special anodizing process, which provides superior corrosion resistance and longevity.

In the scientific article published by Wiley Online Library in 2009, the characteristics of Straumann dental implants are described as follows:

  • Esthetic and comfortable results
  • Reliable and long-lasting solutions
  • High-quality medical materials
  • High success rates of dental implants
  • Use of minimally invasive techniques
  • The faster healing process in aesthetic treatments

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare, established in 1981 in Switzerland, is renowned as one of the leading brands in the field of dental implant technology and dentistry. This company has made great progress in educating dentists on implantation through its partnerships with various universities.

It is also the creator of the All on Four technique. Its range of innovative implant systems, such as Brane Mark System, Nobel Active, Nobel Replace, and Nobel Speedy, are used in more than 80 countries and are known for their compatibility with gums and strength.

A three-year study conducted by Italian academician Dr. Giacomo Fabbri revealed that Nobel Biocare implants and On1 Xeal abutments were securely attached at the mucosal level.


Osstem Dental Implants

Osstem implant is a well-known implant brand from South Korea renowned for its superior quality and reliability. It offers the TS Implant System, an advanced system that makes it easier for dentists to apply dental implants in a shorter time and with less pain.

Osstem also produces different types of implants designed to ensure dentists have comfortable use and reliable results. Osstem implant price-quality ratio, compact, and small design make it an ideal choice for both patients and dentists.

The main features of Osstem dental implants also include:

  • Self-tapping design for easy insertion and improved stability
  • The bioactive surface that encourages tissue regeneration
  • Optimal torque for secure and accurate placement
  • High-strength titanium alloy for durability and strength
  • Short implant body for less invasive procedures
  • Two-piece design for easier handling and maintenance

Astra Tech

Astra Tech Dental Implants

Dentsply Astra implants, acquired by US-based Dent Sirona in 2009, are known as biologically compatible implants that have easy interaction with the body. Astra tech implants provide reliable solutions that have been clinically tested and approved to help dentists completely restore tooth loss.

Dentsply Astra tech implant systems are designed to be used for long-term and complex permanent tooth effects. The superior biological compatibility of these implants ensures that dental patients get safe and high-quality results.

The main features of Dentsply Astra Tech implants include the following:

  • An advanced titanium alloy surface creates a strong bond with the surrounding bone tissue and minimizes the risk of implant failure.
  • Unique surface roughness reduces the risk of infection.
  • A low-profile design, which allows for easy placement.
  • A variety of sizes and threads to meet the needs of different patients.
  • An innovative platform-switching design allows for a more natural-looking result.

Which Implant Brand is Best?

In the field of implant technology, it is important that new technologies are proven with long-term scientific studies. For example, implants must be assessed for their durability over an expected life span of 20-25 years, as well as any potential complications. Therefore, it is not correct to claim that new technologies are successful before these long-term studies are completed.

To understand which implants stand out as the best implant brands, the number of scientific studies conducted on the implant can help us to have an idea. On PubMed’s official website, 1619 marks come out for Straumann, 675 for Nobel Biocare, and 372 for Astra Tech. So, we can say that Straumann dental implants are the most researched dental implants in scientific articles meaning that Straumann is the premier brand in this sector.

Is There a Difference in the Quality of Dental Implants?

For sure, there are marked distinctions in quality among implant brands. Though certain brands may stand out in terms of quality, a product from another dental implant brand may be more suitable to your circumstances. In this regard, the choice of your dental provider is the defining factor. It is of utmost importance that patients heed the advice of dentists in this respect.

Dental Implant Brands to Avoid

Even if a dental implant brand puts out quality products, it is advisable to stay away from such products if long-term clinical studies do not back them up.

To understand this, you can search for the dental implant brand you want to use on platforms such as Google Scholar or PubMed, where scientific research is published. The brand has also been subjected to enough scientific research if it has high search capacities on those platforms.

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