Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)


Platelet Rich Fibrin

PRF therapy is a curative treatment method that is constantly improving in the world and is revolutionary in the development of modern medicine.

PRF is obtained by taking blood from the human body and subjecting it to centrifugation for a certain period of time and time (to ensure that the liquid in the different density is separated from each other by rotating at different speeds depending on the density of the solid particles).

In this way, the patient’s own blood obtained from the blood plasma and soft tissue formation process, using artificial materials without the use of artificial materials are completed in the most healthy way.

PRF; A study was developed to prevent titanium implants placed in elderly people 15 years ago in surgery to weaken the gums and prevent them from falling in a short time.

It is preferred that the present content of the Prf accelerating the renewal be reliable because it is obtained from the patient’s own blood, and not altered by any biochemical process when obtained. In such a case, when the material is placed in the gum, the soft tissue is strengthened and the implants can be made.

Oral and Dental Health Practice PRF provides the following benefits in dental practice in a variety of areas and applications.

PRF’s areas of use in dentistry are as follows

  • Treatment of periodontal defects
  • Treatment of gingival recessions
  • In the repair of perimetric defects
  • In open and closed sinus lift (sinus elevation) operation

Faster healing

  • In order to protect the height of the draft void and minimum bone loss and also to avoid alveolitis..
  • To provide faster healing along the incision line and a healthy wound closure before closing the flap that opens
  • In order to cover open wound surfaces

We continue to follow the technological developments as Oral and Dental Health closely to determine the treatment methods, to pass on the influence of PRF on people and to achieve successful and healthy results.

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