What is Dental Implantation?

Dental implant – Implantation of an artificial root in the jaw. Dental implants are metal frames or posts that are surgically introduced to the jawbone, afterward, replacement teeth is installed in mouth to restore the appearance and overall functionality of a teeth.

At Medworld Rixos, dental implant restorations have 3 parts:

  • Titanium, bone-integrated implant
  • Implant abutment
  • Temporary plastic crown and after lifetime Implant porcelain or zirconium crown.

At Medworld we have achieved a nearly 100% success rate for dental implant placement.

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What Brand of Dental Implant Do We Use?

There are hundreds of dental implant companies, and all have their benefits.

In MedWorld we use the following implants brands:

  • Straumann
  • Nobel
  • Astra Tech
  • Osstem

All of them are proven as most successful, esthetically and functionally useful.

As for the best one – Straumann:
With more than 20 years of clinical research, resulting in over 3,000 independent scientific publications, Straumann has offered the most extensively documented and clinically validated dental implant system on the market. With our team’s implant specialist and Straumann implants, we provide our dental implant patients with functional, esthetic and long-term success of nearly 100%.

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How Dental Implantation proceed in Medworld?

At Medworld we offer one-stage implantation teeth, which allows you to put in order and restore the functionality of the jaw in one go. Artificial structures allow avoiding removable prosthetics, the patient does not feel them after the period of engraftment.

  • Planning stage is the most important part of the process. A carefully and intelligently thought-out treatment plan is the difference between success and failure. Sometimes we may require specialized imaging to visualize the bone condition and three-dimensional viewing to ensure proper placement.
  • Damaged tooth is removed (if necessary)
  • Bone grafting might be needed to prepare the jawbone for the new implants
  • Installation of metal posts into jawbone (Implant placement)
  • Bond of temporary crown to the abutment*
  • Afterwards the healing process will take at least 6 months
  • At the next visit to Medworld after 6 -12 months temporary tooth will be replaced with zirconium tooth.

*a local anesthetic is used. Already the next day after surgery, the patient ceases to feel any discomfort. The rejection of implants practically does not arise, since titanium is used for their creation, which is a neutral material.

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How Can Dental Implantation Help?

  • correct defects of the dentition;
  • replace missing teeth;
  • prosthetically completely toothless jaw;
  • fix removable dentures;
  • correctly distribute the chewing load;
  • avoid bone atrophy;
  • keep the taste.

The best time to place a dental implant is at the time of tooth extraction, or shortly thereafter. However, we have placed dental implants successfully years after tooth loss. What’s important is the presence of an adequate amount of healthy bone to surround the newly placed dental implant.

Dental Implant - What are Contraindications?

What are Contraindications?

Diseases of the central nervous system, blood; malignant tumors; tuberculosis; immunopathological condition; diabetes; bruxism; lupus erythematosus, chronic stomatitis, pemphigus; hypertonicity of the masticatory muscles. Pregnancy. Intolerance to anesthesia; taking antidepressants, immunosuppressants, anticoagulants, cytostatics; exhaustion of the body; mental disorders or severe stress; lack of proper oral hygiene.

That after the operation there were no complications, you need to thoroughly clean the mouth, use toothpaste, brush, dental floss, brush, irrigators, and every six months to take a course of professional hygiene.

Implants take root in 98 cases out of 100. Their shelf life with proper care is not limited, whereas traditional bridges require replacement in 5 years. Therefore, it can be said that the implantation is the future of dentistry.

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