Why Lara Smile?

Lara Smile Dental Center in Antalya
  • With its Global Health Service Approach, it offers Dental Treatment Services at International Quality Standards to All World Citizens in a Short Time in a Holiday Environment in Turkey.
  • With the remote examination, you are informed about your preliminary diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Before you come to our clinic, we have our specialist physicians examine your X-ray film that you have sent. You are given preliminary information about the treatment plan, treatment duration and fees. We organize your appointment date for the appropriate date in coordination with you and determine your physicians. We provide all kinds of consultancy services.
Lara Smile Dental Clinic
  • We use the latest equipment and have carefully selected dental laboratories whose standards meet our own standards. We have selected the highest quality materials, whatever the cost, to provide you with healthy, long-lasting aesthetic results while preserving your tooth structure.
  • One of the most important factors in dentistry is the continuity and integrity of the treatment. After treatment, the patient representative assigned to you is always there for support.
  • We have a very sensitive team for our patients who have a fear of the dentist.
  • In our clinic, we offer brand-independent and impartial treatments. In this way, our patients experience an economical and effective treatment.
  • In short, we are a clinic that gathers comprehensive, high quality, affordable dental treatments for all your needs under the same framework.

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